Pig's Ears Beer Cellar - Bar & Restaurant, Richmond-Upon-Thames

About Us

Born out of years of beer loving

Pig's Ears operates a bar & restaurant in Richmond-upon-Thames which showcases some of the beers that it also sources and supplies to the hospitality industry in the South East UK.

About Us

One of our founding members spent a lot of time working in Belgium where he first discovered his love of beer. It was the range of beers available in Belgium that inspired him to open up a Belgian influenced bistro in Twickenham and later Richmond. As the craft beer movement took off in the UK, it was felt it was only right to showcase the new beers that were available on our doorstep, alongside some Belgian classics and other excellent brews from across the globe. With this in mind "Pig's Ears Beer Cellar" was born.

A tardis of a venue, with a capacity of around 100 covers, the Beer Cellar acts as a perfect showcase for the beers and the breweries that we are proud to distribute into other bars, pubs and restaurants. Our team in Richmond ensure the beers are in great condition, the food is tasty and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Our wholesale team are craft beer converts. Toni Skinner heads up this team and has been involved in hospitality for over a decade, but historically a wine drinker at heart (and perhaps the odd gin and tonic thrown in for good measure) it was through working with beers that she discovered a whole industry that was strides away from a pint of Fosters shandy. She discovered pale ales as fresh and fruity as a sauvignon blanc and porters as robust and complex as a Cabernet. She hasn't looked back since.

Pig's Ears fascination with the beer industry allows the company keep up with the gathering momentum of the worldwide 'craft beer revolution'; constantly sourcing some of the most exciting and elegant brews available in the UK, which we distribute to some of the greatest beer bars in London and the South of England.