Pig's Ears Beer Cellar - Bar & Restaurant, Richmond-Upon-Thames

Food Menu

Pig's Ears Food Menu and information

Here at Pig’s Ears we love food as much as we love beer, put them both together then we’re happy. All our food is made from fresh ingredients purchased daily from the 3 London Markets and Sandy’s Fish Mongers in Twickenham. We pride ourselves on our signature dishes such as the Blueshell Mussels provided by Sandy's, our fresh Stone Baked Pizzas, and our range of freshly prepared (and cooked to order) Burgers & Ribs. Our chef’s also provide an array of specials and snacks as we believe creativity should be let loose.

On our food menu we have added a beer - food pairing chart. This lets you know what types of beers go with what types of food. In our opinion, with the range and quality of beers we serve, beer is now rivalling wine at the dinner table even though we do have some special wines also.

With a Kids Menu, Specials Menu & Party Canapés or Set Menu, as well as our standard a la carte menu we have something to cater for all ages and every kind of event.

Download the Food Menu PDF