A Love Letter to Our Clients

Posted: 19th Mar 2020
Covid 19 - A Love Letter to the Industry

Hello you lovely lot,

Firstly; I know this is a hugely concerning time for all of us - for many of us; we have spent years building up these businesses; brick by brick; understanding the knife edge upon which we balance in this industry. At times this situation seems so overwhelming; so insurmountable; and aren’t we all already just so tired? After Brexit, after Dry January, after any number of recent situations both foreign and domestic that were sent to test us.... 


But we have got this. You lot are the backbone of this nation; you are the venue people go to celebrate their engagement; the restaurant people book for their first date; the bar people visit to celebrate being another year older; the drink people use to wet their newborn babies head. 


And boy, after all this is over, after the graph stops going up, after the world begins to turn again, man oh man are we all gonna need a stiff drink.


This isn’t an email telling you about how strict our current hygiene regulations are (which is very) or how we’ve grouped our employees into isolation teams to minimize the potential spread (which we have) or to remind you that we have now, as we have always had, no minimum order and are willing to be as flexible as possible to keep you guys stocked up whilst you’re finding your way here (which we do and we are)....


No. This is a love letter to you guys; to the industry as a whole. 


Pig’s Ears was founded on each and every one of you guys. You are the bricks we used to build our business and we don’t take our responsibility to you lightly. 


We have setup the hashtag #beerinittogether on all our social media platforms and will be doing a daily shout out to all open venues who are doing what they can to adapt and survive in these uncertain times. 

If you want us to mention you guys; just send us a couple of pics of your venue and a note about what you guys are doing to help ride this wave. Include opening hours and contact info and we’ll do the rest. Or just feel free to use this hashtag on your own social media. Mi hashtag es su hashtag.


If anyone has any questions or concerns about their account; don’t hesitate to contact your account manager who will be able to talk you through your options. We are, without hesitation, here to help. 


For us, it’s business as usual. Lists will be landing at 4pm on Thursday as per usual. 


As ever, we remain your humble beery servants…

Big Love


Toni Skinner

Managing Director